A super derby Saturday!

Last Saturday was a super derby Saturday! No less then three games were played by DCR players in three different teams.

Dock City Rollers Plan B went to Oslo and played against Oslo Tiger City Beasts and won. 243-64 was the final score.

Crocodile Sandee and Slice Princess played with Team Europe against Oslo Roller Derby’s A Team. The winner was Team Europe with 216-70.

Our rookies played their first bout with Team Skötet, a mix-team with players from Gothenburg Roller Derby and they met a mixteam from Norrköping Roller Derby. Team Skötet lost the game with 224-149, but rumour has it they were really happy anyway.

Yes, it was indeed a good derby weekend for Dock City Rollers!

Photos by Bengt Persson (except the images of Team Skötet)