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Beginners course

Are you interested in starting with Roller Derby?

Registration is open for the autumn 2022 beginner’s course! We promise sweat and bruises – it’s going to be so much fun!

The course starts on September 28. It is 14 weeks long and costs SEK 900. No previous skating experience is required. We practice 1-2 times a week. Register at this link before September 11.

Have you never roller skated before? Good! You are exactly what we are looking for! Do you think it’s a bit scary to go alone, but have no one to go with? Come anyway! We’ve all been beginners once, and we promise to make your first time your best time.

We have course starts every spring and autumn. The course has a limited number of places to make the training as rewarding as possible. But as we said, we do not require any previous experience or special skills. What we are looking for is will and desire to learn and develop, and curiosity and love for the world’s best sport of course!

If you have any questions about our beginners course send an email to


Are you a transfer from another league and want to join us? Reach out to us on and let’s tackle!