DCR Bootcamp 5-6th December

Dock City Roller’s A-team are excited to host an Intermediate Bootcamp this December.

Our A-team has won bronze three straight years at the Swedish flat track roller derby Championships and have competed, and also won, against a number of high-ranked international teams. We would now like to invite you to a bootcamp where we will share with you many of the things that have been crucial in our development over the past few years.

This bootcamp caters to intermediate level players and will focus on the basic but effective defensive and offensive strategies as well as blocker and/or jammer specific training, depending on your individual focus. We work individually with players as well as in game-like scenarios.

When we say intermediate, we mean that you have passed all components of Minimum Skills (MS) and have played at least one bout. You either belong to a minor league that has not started regular matches yet, have been playing in a major league’s B team, or you have considerably more experience than that behind you but want to have new input on how you can develop your game.

All lessons will be hosted and taught by our talented A-team players. Training lessons will be taught by at least a pair of our A-team players, which, combined with the limited number of places in the bootcamp, means that there will be plenty of opportunities for individual help and feedback throughout the weekend. The cost for the entire weekend’s training is at 500:- / player. All revenues go straight into the A-team’s travel expenses account.

Further information, such as exact times, etc., will be confirmed with attendees as soon as possible. The timeframe from 9:00 am on Saturday until 17:00 on Sunday is the frametime that is booked at the venue and within which both days of the bootcamp will be held.

For questions, please email captains@dockcityrollers.se

Please register via the following link: 


Photo by: Peter Dahlin