DCR vs. KRR 19/3

At lightning speed, Dock City Rollers have climbed from 31st in Europe to 19th, and thus have gone bananas enough to challenge number 5: The amazing, the ever-dreaded Kallio Rolling Rainbow!

Remember, anything can happen in derby, so prepare for a nailbiter!

Where? Angered Sporthall, Högaffelsgatan 11 (Tram station Angered Centrum, then follow the signs!)
When? 19/3 Doors open at 14.00, game starts at 15.00
Tickets? 100 kronor, 80 for students and seniors, free entrance for children under 12! Cash is queen, Swish is clean! No credit cards or advance purchase.

And, would you like to be involved? Spend a day with amazing Dock City Rollers, eat sandwiches and drink absurd amounts of coffee! Register below or send us an email on boutmanager@dockcityrollers.se with any questions! (Volunteers will get free entrance and eternal love!)


Afterwards, we’ll all roll to Henriksberg (Stigbergsliden 7, tram station Stigbergstorget) for the arena of the second battle of the day: the dance floor! More info within short!

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