DCR wins against ADD

Last week DCR travelled to Aarhus for our very first bout against Aarhus Derby Danes. After a smooth trip including a team strategy meeting as well as a nostalgic and rather frantic game of hide and seek aboard the Denmark ferry we arrived late Friday evening at our Danish hosts.

The next morning we met up for some brunch and pep talk before heading off to the venue, an inline skating rink in Risskov. We had been informed that the venue would be cold, but most of us probably got somewhat of a shock realizing it was actually colder inside than outside. No need to worry though, all geared up in our awesome new boutfits and after a warming up both off- and on-skate we were all fit for fight and ready to bout. We had a final team meeting together with our bench coach Muffa (CCR) before we hit the track.

The first half was kind of even, but DCR managed to keep the lead all the time. During the second half we increased our advantage even more and the bout finally ended 263-92 with DCR as the winners. Evelina de Nets got MVP, Crocodile Sandee got Best blocker and Slayla K was awarded Best jammer (a prize she later decided to split with Karrcrash). It was so much fun finally getting to play together as a team and to finish it off with a victory. ADD really put up a good fight and we are already looking forward to a rematch!

Our fabulous bout photos are taken by Bengster Design who travelled to Aarhus for the day just to shoot the bout! More derby pictures can be seen here.