Dock City Rollers will hold tryouts regularly and any person by the age of 18 or older is welcome to apply. If you want to apply or simply ask some questions, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail on

What do I need to bring to the tryout?

Bring your ordinary workout clothes, trainers and a water bottle. If you already have your own gear and/or skates, please bring it as well. We will do our best to make sure that there will be enough gear and skates for all participants at the venue, but if you have your own we encourage you to use it. Also, most people prefer not to borrow used mouth guards, so if you want to use one, please bring your own.

What kind of gear do I need?

All participants are required to wear all of the following protective gear. If you don’t own any gear just yet, don’t worry. Let us know your size and we will try to find stuff for you to borrow during the tryout. You will need:
• Helmet
• Wrist guards
• Elbow pads
• Knee pads
• 4 wheel (quad) roller skates (Inlines are not allowed)

Wearing a mouth guard during the tryout is not required, but strongly recommended. You have to bring your own though, mouth guards cannot be borrowed. Should you choose to enter the Freshmeat program a mouth guard will be required.

Do I have to be an experienced skater?

Absolutely not. Tryouts are for everyone and if you choose to become a Freshmeat you will be taken through a 14 week program designed to teach you the basics of skating and roller derby. We do encourage all skaters to get some off-skate cardio and strength classes in between derby practices though as we find it helps a lot in this sport, but that is entirely optional.

What does it mean to be a Freshmeat?

When you start skating with us you will join our Freshmeat program where you will learn all the basic skating and derby skills. The program will last for 14 weeks, going through both theoretical and practical moments, helping you to be a safe and secure skater.

When the 14 weeks are over you should be well equipped to pass the Minimum skills test after which you are ready to join us as a full member!

What is the Minimum Skills test?

The Minimum Skills test is a test designed to make sure you master all of the minimum skills required by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) to participate in scrimmages and bouts. The test consists of both an on-skate skill part as well as a written test and will be held as an “examination” when the Freshmeat program is over. Don’t stress out about the test though! The Freshmeat program will go through all the skills that will be examined during the test, no surprises at all.