Open Skate

Time for the 2014 Open Skate sessions! Dock City Rollers welcomes you to the wonderful world of roller derby and invites you all to come and skate with us.

Open Skate is not a regular practice, but simply a time to skate and socalize whether you are a derby player, a hobby skater or just curious about the sport in general.
You don’t have to ever have stood on a pair of skates before, but this might be the perfect opportunity to do so! The only thing we ask of you as a skater, experienced or not, is that you show respect for all participants and adjusts your skating to such a level that you don’t pose any danger to yourself or others.

You’ll need the following equipment:
* Helmet
* Elbow and knee pads
* Wrist guards
* Protection for your knee guards so they won’t mark the floor (cutting the legs of a pair of pantyhose usually works just fine)
* Mouth guard (can usually be found in skate or sport shops for a reasonable price)
Please also make sure that all toe stops and toe guards are made of a light/non-marking material and that your wheels are clean, especially if you’re using outdoor wheels.

Lacking some or all of the equipment? Don’t worry, we’ll bring a couple of extra skates and pads as well. Please note that they are limited though, so you might have to share them with other participants. We strongly advice you to get your own mouth guard though.

The event takes place in Valhalla sporthall between 19-21 on the following Friday nights:

DCR members and participants in the DCR Freshmeat program skates for free, all others pay an entrance fee of 20 SEK.
For more information, please see our Facebook event page.