Swedish championship coming up!

Only a few more days to go before it is time for the second Swedish Championships of Roller Derby. All games will be played in Ishallen in Borås during 5th and 6th of July and everyone in DCR would love for you to be there and cheer us on when we try to defend last years bronze medal and hopefully earn an even nobler one this year.

Everyone has been practicing really hard and perfecting their game play over the last months and are more ready than ever to get on the track. Here’s what two of our players have to say about it:

Patty from the block: “I feel stoked and nervous at the same time. I think everyone in our team will do a really great job during the championships!”

Dynamithen: “This will be my first championship and I’m sooo looking forward to it. I’ve started to become a bit nervous, but that feels like a part of it, I like to be a bit jittery. Fired up and ready to go! I only have positive thoughts and expectations for the weekend!”

So what are you waiting for? Practice your cheers, don your sailor hat and get your ass to Borås! More information can be found here.