Dock City Rollers

Gothenburg -Sweden

About us

Dock City Rollers is a Roller Derby league right in the heart of Sweden – Gothenburg. The league was founded in December 2012 and consists of a group of passionate, dedicated people who all share the love for the greatest sport in the world: Roller Derby. The foundation of our league is built from a lot of hard work and love. We laugh, sweat and improve together as a team.

Latest News

Recap of the season – Dock City Rollers

There´s been a whole lot of derby this season for all of Dock Citys three teams. We have had home games, away games and even went on a few tournaments. Here´s a recap of what we have been up to these past months. This spring our Anchors have had one home game, one...

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Junior Roller Derby

Vill du börja med Roller derby? Till hösten planerar Dock City Rollers att starta nybörjarträningar för juniorer i åldrarna 13-17 år. Träningarna kommer förhoppningsvis börja i augusti och kostar 500 kr per termin....

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DCR drar igång en ny freshmeatkurs! 23/1/2018

(For information in English, please visit: Vill du smita förbi motståndarna som Mårran, krossa dem som Patty from the Block eller pressa dig igenom en vägg som Force Majeure? Vill du bli nästa Bille Butther, Malice Babs eller Pain...

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