Upcoming weekend Dock City Roller’s Plan B, together with 12 other teams from different countries, are going to Lidköping to compete in the S.W.E.E.T. tournament. More than 20 games will be played during three days!

Because of the packed schedule, all the games (except the final) will be 30 minutes instead of 60. Plan B is playing their first game on Saturday against either Aros Hybrids or Jutland Feisty Framers, which both are mixed teams.

We hope that you will all be there and cheer!

Sparbanken Lidköping Arena
Mellbygatan 54, 531 51 Lidköping

Fredag: 18:30-20:30
Lördag: 10:15-20:30
Söndag: 10:00-17:30