FINALLY! A home game! No, better yet: a whole WEEKEND of the Swedish national series presented by Dock City Rollers!

If you’re familiar with roller derby, you will recognize four of Sweden’s fiercest teams competing to gain a spot at this year’s championship tournament. If this is your first roller derby game, you’re in for a treat!
There will be blood, there will be bruises, but mainly there will be a whole lot of love. A tip is to find your very own roller derby nerd, and they’ll happily explain the rules, assorted trivia, gossip, and whatnot.

Where? Lindholmen Sporthallar, Anders Carlssons Gata 10 (Bus station Regnbågsgatan, then follow the signs!)

Saturday: Doors open at 10.00
Game starts at 11.00 am: Swedish Royal Army vs. Crime City Rollers

Sunday: Doors open at 10.00
Game 1, 11.00 am: Swedish Royal Army vs. Gothenburg Roller Derby
Game 2, 1.00 pm: Crime City Rollers vs. Dock City Rollers
Game 3, 5.00 pm: Dock City Rollers vs. Gothenburg Roller Derby

Two day ticket: 150 kr.
Saturday only: 50 kr.
Sunday only: 120 kr.
0-12 years old: Free entrance
Student: 2 for 1
Cash or Swish!

Facebook event here!

Would you like to be involved? Spend a day with Dock City Rollers, eat sandwiches and drink absurd amounts of coffee! Send us an email at with any questions!