We are so proud to announce that Dock City Rollers’ A-Team is one of the participating teams for this year’s K-Town Shakedown in Kalamazoo, Michigan! This will be the first time ever that we’re competing in USA.
The tournament is hosted by Killamazoo Derby Darlins, and will take place April 28–30, 2017.



-Women’s Teams-
Chicago Outfit Roller Derby A & B
Dock City Rollers A Only
DuPage Derby Dames A & B
Grand Raggidy Roller Derby A & B
Killamazoo Derby Darlins A & B
Lehigh Valley Rollergirls A & B
Nashville Rollergirls A Only
Oklahoma Victory Dolls A & B
Pirate City Rollers A Only
Rideau Valley Roller Girls A only
St. Chux Derby Chix A only
Tri-City Roller Derby A only

-Men’s Teams-
Collision Men’s Derby
Cincinnati Battering Rams
Drive By City Rollers
Rock City Riot

-Head Officials-
William Maullace (Referee) THO
Dell From Hell (Referee) THO
Kill C Grammer (Ohio Roller Derby) HNSO
Sho’Nuff (Mad Rollin Dolls) HNSO